Why is Our Uniqueness Calculator Better?

Unlike other uniqueness calculators, ours is based on how search engines calculate the uniqueness of content. We mimic how Google (and Copyscape) determine whether an article is unique or not and provide an easy to use number to tell you how unique our spintax is. You know that "c {a|b} d {e|f} g" is better than "c d g {a|b} {e|f}". Other uniqueness calculators don't know the difference, but ours does.

Here are some baselines, based on the values you see:

80-100%: Your Spintax is Completely Unique

60-80%: Your Spintax is Very Unique.

40-60%: Your Spintax is Unique.

30-40%: Your Spintax is Borderline Unique.

0-30%: Your Spintax is Not Very Unique.