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After the huge success of WordAi Version 2 our team moved into brand new offices and immediately sat down and told ourselves "what we have is awesome, but we can do even better!"

Since then we have spent the past year working nonstop on improving WordAi's artificial intelligence, because we knew that we were on the cusp of something big. While other tools add a couple gimmicky features and call it an "update", we take pride in our work and we want our new version to have real improvements that will have a real impact on your bottom line.

So with that in mind, we are excited to announce WordAi Version 3 will be released on Thursday, May 15th. We will announce some of the new Version 3 features in the next week, and I can promise you that you will be blown away by how smart WordAi has become. With a major artificial intelligence upgrade, and several new special features (more info coming soon!), you will be able to use WordAi for even your main money sites, all with no human editing required!

This new version of WordAi will be completely FREE to existing customers. This means that now is the best time to sign up for WordAi, as when the launch comes your account will be automatically upgraded to Version 3 at no extra charge.

I'm really excited about the breakthroughs we are making in artificial intelligence and what that will mean for WordAi. Stay tuned, as more details will be coming out in the next couple of weeks!

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11 thoughts on "WordAi Version 3 - Coming on May 15th"
  1. ThatWeb says:

    I am an old user of WordAi and its saving my weeks time in hours. I cannot wait and I love to use the new features its launching.

  2. Sara says:

    I just cannot wait that long – any hints at what the update might include?

    1. We’ll be releasing a video showing off several new WordAi Version 3 features on Monday!

  3. kurt says:

    Is the launch delayed? Because i haven’t seen any features being announced.

    1. The launch is not delayed – you will be hearing quite a bit starting tomorrow.

  4. Hey Alex,

    is a german language spinner also coming in version 3? 🙂

    Cheers Pukh

    1. Sorry, Version 3 is an English only update. We are still working on adding other languages, but it won’t be included in this release.

  5. Hugh Mason says:

    Hey, Alex!

    Do you have some news about german language support? Q1 2015 would be great!

  6. phil says:

    Will additional languages ever been released?

    1. We are planning a Foreign Language Release for this April and then Version 4 this summer.

  7. ITfee says:

    Any news on german language support in WordAi?

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