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Generative AI is the future. In the same way the calculator became an indispensable tool, AI writers are becoming commonplace for brainstorming, writing, and refining text. Put simply, generative AI gives any content producers a leg up. 

But when it comes to writing (AI or human), the most important factor is that the content is useful and reads naturally to humans

And sometimes, especially in a world full of AI detectors, you need to add just a little bit more humanness to your content. With WordAi, you can take your AI text, click a button, and you'll get back human text - ready for your client, colleague, or website.

How Does WordAi Pass AI Content Detection?

WordAi takes any AI generated content and makes it more human readable. This not only improves the quality of AI text, it allows it to pass as human in AI detectors.

The process itself takes a matter of seconds and the result is human quality content:

What AI Writers Does WordAi Work With?

WordAi can make content from any AI writer pass AI content detection. This includes content generated by ChatGPT, Jasper, Article Forge, Copy.ai, Writesonic, and more. 

WordAi works for English texts of any kind. Whether you are writing product descriptions, a blog post, an essay or report, a cover letter or anything in between, WordAi can humanize your text.

What AI Content Detectors Does WordAi Pass?

WordAi is designed to make any AI generated text more human. This process makes AI content appear human-written to all AI detectors (even future tools). 

Because WordAi’s content is indistinguishable from human-written content, it will pass AI content detectors at the same rate as human content. 

Who Should Use WordAi?

Generative AI can make any content producer more efficient. WordAi allows everyone to unlock the power of AI without risking judgment for having their work appear “AI generated”.

Anyone Who Wants to Rank Higher

Content is still the key to ranking, and AI is the most efficient way to scale your SEO strategies. When you combine your AI writing process with WordAi, you can reap all the benefits of AI for SEO without worrying about Google penalties.

Anyone Who Wants to Increase Profits

It is no secret that AI lets you produce more content faster and with higher quality. By using WordAi to humanize your AI generated content, you can improve your bottom line and scale your efforts, all while keeping your clients happy.

Anyone Who Wants to Write More Efficiently

Put simply, AI is a force multiplier wherever it is used. Generative AI helps you research, write, and proofread faster and more effectively. By humanizing your content with WordAi, you can take full advantage of AI and safely spend less time working, with higher quality outputs.

Does WordAi work with ChatGPT content?

The short answer is yes. ChatGPT is a fantastic place to get high quality AI content, fast but it is almost always detected as 100% AI generated. However, when you use WordAi on ChatGPT content, it passes every single AI detector. In fact, an unaffiliated party created a full video recording himself testing ChatGPT content with and without WordAi in one of the most popular AI detectors (Originality.ai). Check out that ChatGPT + WordAi post and video here.

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