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This morning we publicly released a major WordAi Turing Spinner update, backed by over 50 petabytes of new data. For those who are not aware, that is over 50 million gigabytes!

We've been working over the past 8 months with several Fortune 500 companies to build this database up and use it to train WordAi, and it is one of the most comprehensive databases for natural language processing ever built.

What Exactly is This New Update Doing?

WordAi has always been automatically improving itself. It reads the articles that users submit and learns from them, just like how a kid learns by listening to other people talk. Over time this lets WordAi's "brain" learn all sorts of things about how to think, read, and write like a human being.

WordAi has been doing this for over a year now, and this update is the equivalent of a kid downloading over 10 years of learning and experience! So now every time you spin an article, WordAi uses all of these new facts, lessons, and information to help determine whether or not a synonym makes sense based on the context of the entire sentence and article.

This major update went completely live a couple hours ago, so all new articles being spun are now backed by this new groundbreaking technology!

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    Awesome 😀

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