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When looking ahead to 2022, successful digital marketing strategies will depend on content more than ever. Put simply, to rank well and drive visitors to your sites, you’ll need a constant stream of new content.

Digital marketers already spend significant amounts of time and money creating thoughtful, relevant content. But continuously coming up with fresh ideas can become nearly impossible over time. 

On average, an experienced content writer takes roughly 4 hours to create one quality article (1,400 words). This rate can easily be longer depending on the topic and the writer’s experience. Not to mention hiring good writers to create continuous, relevant content can get costly.

So when faced with continuously needing to create a lot of high-quality content, you need to work smarter, not harder.

In this guide, we’ll share exactly how to refresh your existing content, extend your marketing budget, and reach your SEO goals with a single article rewriter tool.

What you’ll learn by reading this guide:

What is an article rewriter?

Most broadly, article rewriters rephrase and restructure copy to make unique versions while preserving the original intent. 

Maybe the perfect piece of content you published a few months ago is no longer driving nearly as much relevant traffic to your website. Instead of starting from scratch and writing a very similar, equally high-quality version of this content on your own, you could use a text rewriter to do the work for you. Think about how much time you could save by cutting many repetitive steps out of the writing process with the help of an article rewriter tool. 

Why content matters so much for SEO 

According to a recent study conducted by BrightEdge Research, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. This statistic is staggering considering HubSpot reported an average of 2 trillion Google searches per year. This is precisely why SEO is a critical inbound marketing strategy. 

It’s proven that in order to strengthen the visibility of your website, you must produce content that is relevant to your target audience, and this must be done regularly. 

Methods of rewriting articles

Presently, there are three primary ways to rewrite articles: 

  • Rewrite articles on your own
  • Hire a content writer to rewrite articles for you 
  • Use a tool to rewrite articles for you

By far, the most economical and efficient method of the three is using an article rewriting tool. By automating the rewriting process, you will save considerable amounts of time, money, and headache. Beyond this, you can also increase your content output, propelling your SEO strategy over the goal line in a fraction of the time. 

Before you get too excited, it’s important to keep in mind that text rewriter tools are not created equally. We’ll dive into this more shortly, but first, let’s take a look at how a content rewriter can help you improve your SEO strategies. 

Benefits of using an article rewriter to improve SEO

Create more high-quality content faster

The most important factor Google considers when ranking content is if there’s enough high-quality content published to establish authority on the subject matter. By leveraging a content rewriter tool, you can produce meaningful and suitable content for your target audience in seconds. This not only increases your content output (helping you rank higher) but can also help grow your audience and user base over time. 

Scale your SEO content strategy

Google prefers to rank fresh and on-topic information. With the help of an AI rewriter, you can amplify existing content and create new variations efficiently with ease. This approach will save you valuable time and resources, allowing you to do without expensive outsourced support or in-house expertise.

Prevent stale content

Google prefers to rank fresh and on-topic information. With the help of an article rewriter, you can amplify existing content and create new variations efficiently with ease. This approach will save you valuable time and resources, allowing you to do without expensive outsourced support or in-house expertise.

Increase uniqueness

Your ability to rank on Google also is impacted by how unique your published content is. In fact, Google and other search engines may even penalize sites that duplicate the same text in multiple pieces of content. Therefore, when refreshing or reusing content, it is crucial to know that it will be plagiarism free. WordAi makes this process straightforward by offering a built-in uniqueness calculator so you can verify that each rewrite will meet Google’s uniqueness standards. 

Extend your marketing budget

As mentioned, producing one high-quality article or blog post can take hours, even for the most experienced content writers. Instead of manually repeating this process for each piece of content, an article rewriter will turn one article into hundreds with the click of a button. Make every marketing dollar you spend go 10x further, by reducing the effort and time spent redeveloping the core content you already have. 

Who should use an article rewriter tool? 

Anyone that writes content

Content marketing is not a war that’s won overnight, however, a rewriter can vastly improve your content production practices. 

Online article rewriters give content writers the ability to create 10x the amount of content in a matter of seconds and can completely eliminate writer’s block for increased productivity overall. Time and effort that was once spent rewriting and developing new marketing content can now be repurposed for more meaningful activities (like making more money and scaling your business). 

Anyone that wants to improve SEO

We cited earlier exactly why content has mattered much for SEO in recent years (due to the fact that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine). No matter what industry or vertical you serve, the only way to remain competitive against others in your space is to own content that works smarter for you (i.e. content that is discoverable, optimized, and can help to return a profit). 

Take your SEO strategy to the next level by regularly refreshing your content in minutes. In addition to the speed at which your content can be renewed, you will never have to worry that you’re accidentally publishing duplicate content. 

Things to consider before using a tool to rewrite articles

We’ve overviewed some obvious advantages, but there are also some areas to consider when evaluating your options: 

Not all article rewriters are created equally

For example, there are article rewriter tools that will claim they “rewrite” for you, however in reality they simply flip synonyms (instead of completely rewriting each sentence from scratch). 

Results produced by these unsophisticated tools are generally low quality and unreadable. Additionally, rewrites of this nature can actually harm your rankings and disengage your audience.

A tool like WordAi, on the other hand, uses cutting-edge deep learning AI technology to rewrite every piece of content from scratch. This technology gives WordAi the ability to understand the intent and meaning of content so when it rewrites, it preserves the original ideas and expresses them in unique ways. This not only maintains the value of the original content but also makes the content indistinguishable from content written by actual humans. 

Human touch may be necessary

While the field of artificial intelligence is rapidly improving, AI rewriters are not perfect quite yet. At times, a quick skim over the content may be necessary to clean up any minor style or tone disagreements before publishing

This certainly beats the alternative of manually creating your own rewrites or breaking the bank to hire a resource to rewrite articles for you.

Article rewriter tools: summed up

SEO is only becoming a more important marketing tool and writing high-quality content often can help you to achieve your digital marketing goals

If you’re struggling to create content quickly or looking for a way to better execute your SEO strategies, consider using a tool to rewrite articles for you. 


  • Create more content faster
  • Scale your content strategy
  • Prevent stale content
  • Maximise site uniqueness
  • Extend your marketing budget

Just remember to do your homework when researching the various options and keep in mind that not all can produce high-quality content. 

Amplify your current content strategy with WordAi to get human-quality rewrites while optimizing for uniqueness and readability. 

Check out our free trial to get started. 

Frequently asked questions

What does an article rewriter do? 

An article rewriter replaces specific words, phrases, or sentences in a given set of copy to allow for different ways to express the same idea. 

What is the purpose of an article rewriter? 

An article rewriter can help to avoid duplicate content, beat writer’s block, create plagiarism-free content faster, diversify marketing copy and increase content production. 

How do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing? 

Manually rewriting an article without plagiarizing existing content can be challenging especially when you’d like to keep the same overall concepts and themes. Article rewriter tools can dramatically improve the article rewriting process and can eliminate the worry of plagiarized content. 

Is article rewriting good for SEO? 

Yes, AI rewriters especially. They help you to amplify or refresh any existing content strategy without duplication or plagiarism issues (duplicate content is known to be penalized by search engines). In addition, you can spend less to produce more relevant, unique content, faster which is great for the ROI of your SEO strategy.

What is the best free article rewriter? 

There are numerous free article rewriting tools out there, but many will simply replace words or just flip synonyms - resulting in inaccurate rewrites that also lack creativity. In the world of article rewriters, you get what you pay for and the cost of using a free tool might be lowered rankings or even penalties. However, there is a silver lining: WordAi offers a free trial so you can test it out before ever spending a dime.

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