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A few months ago, we released WordAi Version 5 which can rewrite any content with the same level of quality as a human. You can read more about that update here

But to release Version 5 on time… We had to temporarily remove the Protected Words and Custom Synonyms features.

Getting Version 5 released was our main priority, but we also knew that many people relied on these features to optimize their workflows. So, as soon as the new version went live, we got right back to work developing a solution to reintroduce Protected Words and Custom Synonyms. 

And today, I am excited to announce that WordAi Version 5 now includes the ability to protect words and use your own custom synonyms!

Protecting words allows you to:

  • Prevent WordAi from changing any specific words or phrases (think keywords, products, company names, etc.)
  • Prevent WordAi from changing quotes
  • Prevent WordAi from changing URLs
  • Prevent WordAi from changing titles and subtitles

Adding Custom Synonyms allows you to: 

  • Automatically replace place-holder text with your own information (think merge tags)
  • Automatically replace one name or phrase with another
  • Add your own list of custom synonyms for any words or phrases

How To Get Started with WordAi’s Protected Words and Custom Synonyms

First, you will need a WordAi account, but we offer a completely free 3-day trial so you can test out the rewrites before you have to pay a penny. 
Once you’ve logged into your account, you can manage your protected words and custom synonyms right in the WordAi interface:

WordAi Version 5 Protected Words and Custom Synonyms

Then just enter the content you want rewritten, select how many rewrites you would like, and click “Rewrite”!

So click the link below to get started with WordAi today!

Start your Free trial today!

Take your content to the next level with WordAi

Get started today!

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