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New Hardware and Software Update

By Alex Cardinell on April 20, 2016

WordAi runs on some very powerful hardware. We don’t just have one server, but a cluster of ten different servers that all work together to provide all of the intelligence that WordAi needs to intelligently rewrite content.

Well this week we decided that we wanted to give that server cluster an upgrade with brand new hardware! Coupled with several critical coding improvements, WordAi is now faster and higher quality than ever before. And with WordAi Version 4 coming out soon, it’s only going to get better!

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17 responses to “New Hardware and Software Update

  1. Patent An Idea on said:

    Hey WordAi team,

    It’s very exciting to upgrade your existing hardware. Sounds like you guys have really good resources. I think it’s also exciting that you have a new version coming out. Will stay tuned to see what it does for content writing.

  2. David on said:

    Its 2017, do you know when V4 is going to be released, and will you have any special pricing deals when it comes out or it will stay the same.

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