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It’s 2022, you should be working smarter, not harder. 

Beyond spending time and money creating new content, you should be extracting more benefits from your existing content.

Put simply, the most efficient way to rank ahead of your competition is to repurpose your existing blog content using a rewriting tool. This can compound your existing SEO strategy and maximize your return on each piece of content you produce.

However, many are skeptical of tools that claim to be able to rewrite content for you. 

And some of this skepticism is justified because not all tools are created equally. 

That is why you need to understand the misconceptions around the top tier of rewriting tools and how you can pick the right solution to boost your rankings, traffic, and conversions.

In this post, we will explain how the following misconceptions came about, the truth when it comes to rewriting, and most importantly, how the right tool can help you outperform your competition:

Rewritten content is penalized by search engines

Historically, the tools that claimed they could “rewrite” content would just replace words with synonyms without any consideration for how that would impact the flow and value of the content as a whole. This was done to try to trick search engine algorithms into thinking the content was unique. 

This method was inherently flawed because it did not consider contextual relevance, or other forms of higher-level grammar and syntactical structure when rewriting.

This lack of higher order logic (intelligence) resulted in sentences and paragraphs that destroyed the value of the original content, made no grammatical sense, and were often completely unreadable.

So, given that Google actively works to distinguish higher-quality content from lower-quality content, it makes sense that search engines would penalize this type of content. 

The Truth

Only the worst rewriting tools simply use a database of synonyms and low level “tricks”. These tools do exist, and they should be avoided.

Rewritten content serves a much greater purpose than those low-quality tools are capable of servicing. Rewriting is one of the most common things humans do every day. Almost every concept you will write about today will be some sort of rewrite of other information you've consumed. 

The key when it comes to rewriting is being able to express a concept in a unique and tailored way while preserving (and conveying) its original value. 

Fortunately, when trained properly, artificial intelligence has proven exceptionally capable of rewriting text to make it completely unique (and sometimes even higher quality) while maintaining the overall value and points.

Put simply, this rewritten content will not be penalized by Google because:

  1. These AI-powered tools do not produce the low-quality content that Google warns about.
  2. More importantly, these rewrites can provide real value to readers, which is really Google's (and your) end goal.

Finally, WordAi in particular uses the same machine learning (AI) framework that Google uses to understand content. This allows WordAi to understand the meaning (and relevancy) of any given piece of text in the same way that Google does when deciding what content to rank.

Put simply, this allows WordAi to rewrite text in completely unique ways without losing the overall meaning and goals of the original. 

Rewrites are not unique enough

It is widely known that Google recommends to avoid publishing duplicate content and instead display pages with distinctly unique information.

And, it is true that some tools will not rewrite enough of the original content for it to be considered unique by Google. 

This duplicate content issue is a fair reason to stay away from tools that cannot provide unique enough content. 

However, the misconception is that no rewriting tool can provide unique enough content. And this is simply not the case.

The Truth

Completely unique site content is beneficial for a few reasons. For one, unique and diverse content can qualify your brand as valuable by your audience and increase your credibility within your niche. Additionally, it can make your content more discoverable and increase your visibility on search engines. 

High-quality AI article rewriters like WordAi rewrite every sentence from scratch to maximize the differences from the original without losing the intent or value. 

Think of this like a human paraphrasing something they've read. When they go to write, they are thinking about what they've read, but they are starting each sentence from scratch, so there is almost no way that the rewrite could come out verbatim.

Guaranteed Uniqueness with WordAi

Adjust WordAi's Creativity

Depending on how conservative or adventurous you want your rewrite, WordAi's easy-to-use interface allows you to designate how creative you'd like the content to be. 

View % Uniqueness

WordAi offers a built-in uniqueness calculator that helps you understand how unique your rewrites are once they're produced. WordAi calculates uniqueness in the same way that tools like CopyScape and Google do to make sure you have an accurate sense of your rewrites.

Identify Unchanged Phrases

Also included in WordAi's user-friendly interface is the option to highlight any phrases in the rewrite. This feature helps to easily identify any phrases that are not quite unique enough so you can easily tweak them before publishing if you need to.

There is a lot of human involvement required

Most assume that rewriting tools have a long way to go and you'll need to put in a lot of manual effort to revise any rewritten content before it is usable. 

Further, even some more advanced AI rewriters can only handle a small amount of content at a time, so you might think your only option is to use a tool that forces you to input copy section by section. 

This approach is difficult to manage and creates disjointed rewrites lacking flow from one paragraph to the next. This ultimately slows down the content creation process as more time is spent trying to capture proper transitions and voice once sections are combined. 

However, the misconception is that rewriting small amounts of content at a time and heavily editing the output are your only options.

The Truth

Not all AI article rewriters require so much effort. For example, WordAi can rewrite up to 5,000 words per article. So, there is no need to copy and paste several different sections over and over to get a unique piece of content. In addition, WordAi's rewrites flow naturally and rarely require manual editing. In some cases, WordAi can improve the content by fixing errors and making run-on sentences more concise. 

Bulk Rewriting by WordAi

WordAi has the power to generate hundreds of unique versions of original content in a single click. Its Bulk Rewriter allows you to add your articles in batches so you can rewrite up to 1,000 articles with one file upload. 

Automatically rewritten content is noticeably worse quality than human content

Most assume that machines cannot grasp how to write like a human. 

And as mentioned, less advanced tools have shown that some machines do produce gibberish. In short, this issue is what earned automatically rewritten content its bad reputation. 

This is because lower-quality article rewriters do not understand the meaning of the content they process. This leads to disjointed phrases and sentences that have absolutely no flow or worse, make no sense. 

The Truth

More advanced article rewriter tools can produce content that is indistinguishable from human-written material. In addition, premium tools like WordAi improve the quality of the content when rewriting. This includes automatic spelling and grammar correction. 

All AI article rewriters are created equal

Marketers count on article rewriter tools to decrease the amount of time spent rewriting existing blogs. Automating this tedious task can extend the life of original content and improve SEO. 

Some believe that all available tools on the market are powered by the same technology and present the same challenges. 

Unfortunately, some AI article rewriters create bad results that might make you question how or if AI is even involved. Low-quality tools can make content worse or even harmful. 

The Truth 

If you plan to recycle existing blog content to improve your SEO, an AI article rewriter will be key to efficiently reaching your goals - you just need to make sure you are using the right one. 

Unlike the unintelligent tools out there, WordAi's models can understand and rewrite content just like a human does. Making it easy to scale your content strategy almost instantly. 

Wrapping up

Rewriting your content from scratch can improve SEO rankings. However, without the right tools, you will be limited in what you can achieve on your own.

If you want a solution that will offer you the best rewrite quality and ranking improvements for more traffic to your site, then we recommend you leave the low quality tools behind and go with a top tier rewriter like WordAi instead. 

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