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Can You Make AI Generated Text Pass All AI Content Detectors?

Generative AI provides an incredible opportunity to increase efficiency, productivity, and even creativity. However, the rise of AI detection tools has many nervous about taking advantage of AI writers. So we wanted to thoroughly test if it is safe to use AI writers and what you can do to make sure your AI content is […]

WordAi Update: Make Any AI Generated Content Pass AI Detectors

Generative AI is the future. In the same way the calculator became an indispensable tool, AI writers are becoming commonplace for brainstorming, writing, and refining text. Put simply, generative AI gives any content producers a leg up.  But when it comes to writing (AI or human), the most important factor is that the content is […]

Common misconceptions around rewriting tools

It’s 2022, you should be working smarter, not harder.  Beyond spending time and money creating new content, you should be extracting more benefits from your existing content. Put simply, the most efficient way to rank ahead of your competition is to repurpose your existing blog content using a rewriting tool. This can compound your existing […]

Can Rewriting My Content Improve My Rankings?

No matter your niche, building an audience and converting visitors in 2022 will require high-quality written content (and a lot of it). However, the amount of content needed to consistently rank for target keywords requires substantial time, money, resources and creativity to create.  Not to mention, each published piece of content must be completely unique […]

7 simple ways to reuse your blog posts to extend your content budget

The point of continuously publishing relevant, high-quality content is to get traffic and convert more potential customers. However, crafting new blog content regularly can be both time-consuming and costly when done the right way.  On top of this, if you’ve already spent a significant amount of time researching and producing blog posts, the last thing […]

How to use an AI article rewriter to refresh your blogs

When you publish a post, you probably feel a sense of accomplishment as you check it off your SEO list. But once your content is out there it's easy to forget about it as you work on the next new piece.  Over time, neglected content can become stale, meaning its search rankings will drop in […]

Can WordAi’s AI rewriter tool pass human evaluation?

AI content generation is gaining traction among digital marketers but some people are still skeptical of the content machines produce. This is especially relevant when it comes to rewriting articles because high-quality rewrites can amplify your content strategy while bad rewrites are useless, even harmful.  The main concern is that rewrites created by machines are […]

The ultimate guide to using an article rewriter for SEO

When looking ahead to 2022, successful digital marketing strategies will depend on content more than ever. Put simply, to rank well and drive visitors to your sites, you’ll need a constant stream of new content. Digital marketers already spend significant amounts of time and money creating thoughtful, relevant content. But continuously coming up with fresh […]

Protect Words and Add Custom Synonyms with WordAi

A few months ago, we released WordAi Version 5 which can rewrite any content with the same level of quality as a human. You can read more about that update here.  But to release Version 5 on time… We had to temporarily remove the Protected Words and Custom Synonyms features. Getting Version 5 released was […]

How Absolutely Anyone Can Use WordAi’s Rewriting To Make $50/Hour [Updated]

Update: This was originally written several years ago. Since then, countless members have used this method to make thousands of dollars. I wanted to bring attention to this method again because WordAi’s Version 5 makes it easier than ever to create content that clients love. Why? Because you’ll be able to produce content that is […]