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Protect Words and Add Custom Synonyms with WordAi

A few months ago, we released WordAi Version 5 which can rewrite any content with the same level of quality as a human. You can read more about that update here.  But to release Version 5 on time… We had to temporarily remove the Protected Words and Custom Synonyms features. Getting Version 5 released was […]

How Absolutely Anyone Can Use WordAi’s Rewriting To Make $50/Hour [Updated]

Update: This was originally written several years ago. Since then, countless members have used this method to make thousands of dollars. I wanted to bring attention to this method again because WordAi’s Version 5 makes it easier than ever to create content that clients love. Why? Because you’ll be able to produce content that is […]

AI content rewriting: Announcing WordAi Version 5!

Whether you want to amplify the reach of an article through syndication, or you just need to come up with different ways to express the same ideas to beat writer’s block, rewriting content is a necessary part of almost every writing process.  Unfortunately, rewriting has also historically been one of the least exciting and most […]

How Absolutely Anyone Can Use Spinning To Make $50/hour [Updated]

Update: This was written several years ago. Since then, countless members have used this method to make thousands of dollars. I wanted to bring attention to this method again with regard to the coronavirus - as the coronavirus actually makes it even easier to make money with this method. Why? Buyers are looking to save […]

The Most Anticipated WordAi Release is Here!

Version 4 is live! Here are 6 of the must-know features: 1. WordAi has added an incredibly intelligent super computer brain that is able to learn and write content just like a human does. This huge advancement means WordAi spun content is higher quality than ever and cannot be detected as spun! 2. This new […]

New Hardware and Software Update

WordAi runs on some very powerful hardware. We don't just have one server, but a cluster of ten different servers that all work together to provide all of the intelligence that WordAi needs to intelligently rewrite content. Well this week we decided that we wanted to give that server cluster an upgrade with brand new […]

New Advanced Spinning Settings

We're excited to offer a couple new advanced spinning settings for WordAi. We have had many users request that they can protect any words that are in quotes "such as in this example." We have also received numerous request for the ability to protect Proper Nouns and Titles. We now have both of those features! Just log into your account, go […]

WordAi Version 3 Released

After countless hours of work, we're excited to say that WordAi Version 3 is now here! It has been our single goal from the very beginning to have the highest quality and smartest program on the market, and today was a very important day for us. We're already starting to hear great things about the […]

WordAi Version 3 - Coming on May 15th

After the huge success of WordAi Version 2 our team moved into brand new offices and immediately sat down and told ourselves "what we have is awesome, but we can do even better!" Since then we have spent the past year working nonstop on improving WordAi's artificial intelligence, because we knew that we were on the cusp of something big. While […]

WordAi Foreign Language Spinner

We're extremely excited to announce that in addition to supporting English, WordAi now supports spinning in French, Spanish, and Italian! Each of these languages include the same artificial intelligence that WordAi is famous for, making WordAi the first and only smart spinner that supports and understands languages besides English. This spinner isn't just a "foreign […]