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Original Sentence
If you buy my product I will be very happy.
WordAi's Automatic Rewrite:
I'll be quite happy if my product is bought by you.

{If {{you buy|you get} my {product|merchandise}|my product is bought by you}, {I will|I'll} be {very|quite} happy|{I will|I'll} be {very|quite} happy, if {{you buy|you get} my {product|merchandise}|my product is bought by you}}.

Original Sentence
Today I talked to Alex and Joe about WordAi.
WordAi's Automatic Rewrite:
I spoke to Joe and Alex about WordAi today.

{Today I {talked|spoke} to {Alex and Joe|Joe and Alex} about WordAi|I {talked|spoke} to {Alex and Joe|Joe and Alex} about WordAi today}.

WordAi Automatically Rewrites
Entire Sentences and Paragraphs

Think your spinner understands content? WordAi is so smart, it not only understands what each word means but also how those words interact with each other - just like a human does! That advanced artificial intelligence allows WordAi to automatically rewrite entire sentences and even paragraphs, making sure Google can't detect your content while still remaining completely readable!

Original Sentence: If you buy my product I will be very happy.
Automatic Rewrite: I'll be quite pleased if my product is bought by you.

  • WordAi not only understands what each word means, but also how each word interacts with each other
  • It looks for possible ways to rewrite your article based on what the article truly means
  • This means your article is unique and can't be detected by Google as spun content!

WordAi Understands That Words Have Different Meanings

And it picks the right one!

Don't you hate it when your synonyms make no {sense|perception}? Don't settle for the "content garbage" that most spinners vomit out. WordAi can tell subtle differences between words and makes sure each synonym it picks makes complete sense. This gives you articles that are automatically readable, without you needing to spend countless hours fixing them up!

  • Wrong synonyms make no sense and take time to remove
  • WordAi only picks synonyms based on the correct meaning of each word
  • You get automatically generated articles that look like they were written by a human!

Does Your Spinner Know The Difference Between These Different Definitions for the Same Word?

The {suspect|defendant} was found guilty.

He {looked|appeared|seemed} {rather|somewhat} {suspect|suspicious|questionable|funny} to me.

I {suspect|imagine|suppose|guess} {it was|it had been} him.
{I am|I'm} {satisfied|happy|pleased} with your {progress|improvement}.

I will {progress|advance} to the next level.
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Paulie G

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